What are the powers of the Fantastic 4? Let’s discover the new heroes of the MCU

The film adaptations of Fantastic 4 have had a lot of bad luck over the past two decades, both in terms of the two chapters directed by Tim Story that at the first reboot developed among a thousand problems from Josh Trank in 2015, but things thanks to Marvel Studios they are about to change radically.

As we know, the announced reboot directed by Josh Trank of the Fab 4 of the House of Wonders is in pre-production, which should be released in cinemas between the end of 2023 and the first months of 2024 – the latter option more likely. On the occasion of the recent announcement, however, we want to offer you a very brief analysis about the powers and abilities of the characters that make up the Marvel Superhero Quartet created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1961.

Here they are:

MR. FANTASTIC / REED RICHARDS – In addition to being one of the most intelligent men in the Universe, with more than a doctorate and imported knowledge on virtually any branch of science, Richards has acquired body elastic powers through the radiation of cosmic rays. He can convert any part of his being into a highly malleable state, stretching, deforming, or reforming at will. This also allows him to increase the size of his brain, increasing his already high cognitive capacity.

INVISIBLE WOMAN / SUSAN STORM – Reed’s wife, her powers are structured in two arteries: invisibility and force fields, the latter visible and intangible energy curiously inverse to invisibility. In the first case it succeeds thanks to the generation of a psychic force field that reflects the light, essentially making it disappear. In the second, he can exploit the force fields both as an attack and as a defense, also being able to use them to fly thanks to platforms and can make his companions become invisible too.

THE HUMAN TORIC / JOHNN STORM – The name itself says so also in this case, but Johnny’s body can completely turn into fire and flames, using these as a weapon. Unfortunately it needs oxygenated places to do it and if it stays too long in flames it needs some time to recover energy. It can also fly in a jet of flame from feet up to 140 miles per hour, accelerating to supersonic speeds.

THE THING / BEN GRIMM – His entire body is covered with orange stone flakes. This allows for superhuman strength and endurance, making it virtually indestructible. His organs are also stronger and more resistant than normal, for example the lungs, whose capacity is much greater than that of a normal human being and allows him to hold his breath underwater for up to 10 minutes. He is also extraordinarily gifted in hand-to-hand combat and despite his size he has great agility.

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