what are your upcoming films?

“I am so grateful that I was able to celebrate my birthday with my loved ones, thank you for the gifts, the letters, the flowers, the cakes and all the love! I drink to the incredible year to come!”: So Ana de Armas in the past few hours on his social network page Instagram to celebrate birthday.

And indeed 2021 seems like a crucial year for the Cuban actress’s career last year nominated for the Golden Globes for Best Supporting Actress for Dinner with crime at Rian Johnson: due to the pandemic, in fact, several top titles that will see her as the main star will arrive one after the other in the coming months, and on the occasion of her birthday we propose them below.

The first and most famous is obviously 007 No Time To Die, new film by Cary Fukunaga and latest installment of James Bond interpretata da Daniel Craig, who after this test will give up the iconic role of the British spy. The film, expected in the autumn, will see de Armas in the role of Paloma, one of the new Bond-girls in the saga.

Also worth mentioning Deep water, whose rights have ended up at Disney and whose release is scheduled for August: it is an erotic thriller directed by Adrian Lyne as well as the ‘fiery set’ that started the romance with Ben Affleck, co-star of the film together with the Cuban star. The story between Ben and Ana is already over in reality, but fans will reunite with the couple in Lyne’s work.

The most anticipated by critics is certainly Blonde, Netflix production that will mark the great return of the acclaimed director Andrew Dominik and in which Ana de Armas will impersonate Marilyn Monroe, while always for the streaming on demand service the actress is shooting The Gray Man, a new film by the Russo brothers who will see her in a very rich cast that also includes Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans.

Which of these films are you waiting for the most? Are you a fan of Ana de Armas? Tell us in the comment section!

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