What does Donnie Darko's ending mean? All about the cult film with Jake Gyllenhaal

Donnie Darko it must undoubtedly be counted among the cult films of these first two decades of the third millennium: the film with Jake Gyllenhaal has over time become a true classic, also and above all thanks to the many theories that attempt to explain its enigmatic ending.

In fact, there are more than one plausible explanations, although it must be said that each of these has a different degree of credibility: we do not feel, for example, to give too much credit to the theory according to which the events of the film are the result of a dream of Donnie (this would not explain, for example, the crash of the plane's engine).

Another possible explanation is that of Donnie's schizophrenia, with ours that would therefore have distorted the reality in which he lives by inventing a decidedly more absurd and disturbing one: even in this case, however, something does not seem to return.

We then come to the most accredited theory, namely that on time travel and, in particular, ontangent universe: "The primary universe is in grave danger. War, epidemics and natural disasters are frequent. Death comes to us all. The fourth dimension is a solid construct, although it is not impenetrable. When the fabric of the fourth dimension becomes corrupt accidents are incredibly rare. If a tangent universe occurs, it will be highly unstable and will be able to sustain itself for no more than a few weeks. Eventually it will collapse on itself into the primary universe, forming a black hole capable of destroying everything that exists"we read in The Philosophy of Time Travels, the fictional book by Nonna Morte created specifically for the film.

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According to this theory, in short, the primary universe would be the one in which the protagonists of the film are at the beginning and at the end of our story: the rest of the events take place instead in the aforementioned tangent universe, created due to the corruption of time and extremely unstable, therefore destined to collapse on itself creating a sort of black hole. These, of course, are just some of the plausible explanations: the Richard Kelly it is meant to be ambiguous and equivocal, and this is where much of its beauty lies. To find out more, here's our Donnie Darko review.

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