What does Hermione do after Hogwarts? Let’s find out the Harry Potter ending

The books of Harry Potter they literally allowed us to grow up in the company of their protagonists: although the famous Nineteen Years Later chapter gives us a photograph of our heroes as adults, however, some details of their post-Hogwarts life remain unknown to quite a few fans.

We take Hermione Granger, for example: one of the brightest witches of her generation, real savior of the two male elements of the famous trio on more than one occasion and a proud activist for the rights of magical creatures. What became of her, then, after the battle with Voldemort?

Something, we said, is already revealed to us by the books: Hermione has in fact married Ron, with whom she has gave birth to two children, Rose and Hugo. As for the professional and work aspect, however, the character of Emma Watson made a career in the Ministry of Magic, continuing to carry on the activity started with the C.R.E.P.A. and also succeeding in obtaining the abolition of those retrograde laws that placed the thoroughbreds in an advantageous position in the wizarding world.

Ours has finally managed to become Minister of Magic, while also managing to publish one of her own translation of the Tales of Bede the Bard, translating the edition written in runes bequeathed to her by Dumbledore. All this information, however, was revealed to us by Rowling only after the conclusion of the saga.

Not bad the life of our Hermione, don’t you think? In this regard, let’s recap together the birth and growth of the love story between Ron and Hermione during the Harry Potter films.

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