What does the Joker ending mean? Let’s relive it together

With a budget of just $ 55 million wanted by far-sighted Walter Hamada, Todd Phillips’ intense and hypnotic Joker has proved to be one of the biggest hits of audiences, critics and box office. DC Films, receiving two Academy Awards, including one a Joaquin Phoenix, and taking home a whopping 1 billion 74 million dollars.

Two years after the 2019 film, one of the titles that more than others they have described today’s society with caustic truthfulness and a moral distortion to the limit is still considering an extraordinary film also for its beautiful ending, which has a concrete, evident, tangible sense and meaning, and another instead thinner and on the edge, perhaps to be interpreted.

Now killed Murray Franklin and caused riots in the city, a Arthur Fleck in scrubs and handcuffs he finds himself in a psychiatric hospital. Here a new doctor asks Arthur to tell her the joke that is making him smile, and Arthur replies that he would not understand, thinking that Bruce Wayne will now grow up due to his parentless operation and in sadness just like him. Shortly after, he leaves the room leaving bloody footprints on the floor, probably after killing the psychologist. His condition is now irreversible and he is in all respects the Joker, the mask that he had decided to wear to escape his malaise.

The other fan-imagined ending is that Arthur never actually got out of the psychiatric hospital where he was previously held, creating in his mind this “twisted” film, with Bruce’s vision translatable into an indirect admission of the direct guilt of his mind and his choices of all his problems.

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