what does the secret ending mean and what is Rainbow Six?

A few days after arriving on Amazon Prime Video of Senza Rimorso, the new film by Stefano Sollima written by Taylor Sheridan and performed by Michael B. Jordan, let’s talk about the post-credit scene and the meaning of Rainbow Six.

The secret ending of Without remorse sees John Kelly, the character played by Michael B. Jordan, permanently transformed into John Clark, an alias given to him by the government to leave his old life (literally) dead and buried: the post-credit scene is set sometime after the events of the actual film and, just like in a Marvel Studios film, heralds the arrival of an ambitious sequel: Rainbow Six.

Rainbow Six is one of the most famous novels by writer Tom Clancy: originally published in 1998, it tells the story of a counter-terrorism team codenamed “Rainbow”. Led by John Clark himself, as Michael B. Jordan anticipates in the scene, the organization includes is made up of a multinational group with French, English, Italian, US and German personnel. In the original book the Rainbow are called to investigate a series of attacks in Switzerland, Austria and Spain sponsored by the head of an ecological terrorist group: hidden behind a pharmaceutical multinational, the group of extremists has developed a terrible virus, “Shiva”, a derivative of Ebola, which it wants to spread among all humanity to “clean up” Land.

The novel, which also inspired a popular video game series, will be the focus of next film in the Paramount / Amazon saga: Currently, despite a link between two characters, it is not clear if there are any plans for a future crossover with the TV series Jack Ryan, also produced by Paramount and distributed by Amazon.

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