What does Tolo Tolo mean? Curiosities about Checco Zalone’s film

Tolo Tolo has recently won the David dello Spettatore in view of the upcoming edition of the David di Donatello, confirming Checco Zalone as the undisputed king of the Italian box office in recent years. But what is the meaning of the title of the film?PAROLA DA BOLDARE

As the Apulian comedian himself revealed, the title Tolo Tolo is to be attributed to a funny anecdote about the set of the film. While filming in Kenya, Zalone was giving directions for a scene that required swimming across a river. In the role of director, Zalone repeated to the young Nassor Said Birya, interpreter of Doudoi, that he had to swim ‘just alone’. The actor repeated Zalone’s phrase, but mangled it into ‘tolo tolo’, which later became a line in the film as well.

Furthermore, during an interview with Rai News 24, Zalone explained that the title of the film also linked to his daughter: “Always my daughter … I experience things on Gaia. I said to her: ‘Do you like tolo tolo?’ and she repeated: “Beautiful, tolo tolo! What does it mean?” and I: ‘Don’t worry!’ And then I attributed the phrase to the African child … Tolo Tolo stands for ‘Solo solo’, but the African child didn’t say ‘tolo tolo’, he said ‘just solo’ … in fact, he looks at me badly, ‘I can speak Italian! ‘ But it remained ‘tolo tolo’ “.

For other insights, we leave you to our review of Tolo Tolo.

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