what happens if we replace the wands with weapons? Find out in this video

The symbolic element of the Harry Potter saga are the wands, the almost sentient magical instrument through which each wizard channels his powers to be able to perform magic. These are deadly tools that, like guns, can take out your opponent.

And precisely, what happens if the wands are replaced with real weapons? We find out in this hilarious video that has been going viral on social media in recent days. The clip you find at the bottom of the news shows, in fact all the protagonists of the Harry Potter saga holding weapons while performing their spells. Let’s see for example Hermione Granger brandishing some sort of carbine in the middle of class and, Harry himself destroys the glass in which the snake is located with a gun and not simply with his powers.

The title of this “hilarious” video is Harry Potter and the Deathly Weapons, or Harry Potter and the Weapons of Death, playing a nice pun with the title of the last book written by the pen of JK Rowling. In the clip description, Harry is even called John Wick Junior, and who knows that we will not be able to see it in the last chapter of the saga with Kean Reeves currently in production in Berlin.

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