What is scalping, the technique that made Xbox Series X and PS5 unobtainable

Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are practically nowhere to be found, both due to the low availability linked to the impact of the pandemic, and the scalping phenomena that have further reduced supply.

In particular, a group of scalpers has managed to accumulate up to 1,000 Xbox Series X and even 3,500 PlayStation 5, effectively removing them from the hands of gamers who have been waiting for them for some time.

In reality, scalping is not directly related to product purchases, but it is a technique that was born in the world of online trading. The final goal, which evidently has been hit with PS5 and Xbox Series X, is carry out the largest number of operations in a short time frame.

In this case, it is by analyzing the reseller databases and using bots, they managed to skilfully overcome the pre-order queues to make purchases. A similar phenomenon had occurred a few years ago with the purchase of Coldplay concert tickets, when the so-called touts, using ad hoc software, were able to place hundreds of orders in seconds, making tickets unavailable to fans and then reselling them at higher prices on secondary markets. At the time Ticketone did not manage to do much to cancel orders, while in the case of the new consoles the dealers immediately ran for cover.

On the stock exchange, the scalping technique aims to achieve high earnings in a short time, through various operations completed in a very short time frame. It should be emphasized that scalping should not be compared or confused with day trading, which involves operations in a daily time horizon.

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