What movies is the Jupiter’s Legacy star famous for?

Fresh protagonist of the excellent Jupiter’s Legacy by Netflix, streaming series of the colossus of Reed Hastings where the interpreter plays the role of the indestructible and fascinating Utopian, most powerful and famous superhero in the world, Josh Duhamel he began his film career in the ’00s, not even twenty years ago.

The first film of some relevance in the field of American comedies was Robert Luketic’s dream date 2004, followed two years later by Turistas di John Stockwell. Minor roles in very different films which, however, made him a little character actor to keep an eye on, so much so that he was noticed by Michael Bay for his physical prowess and his action times for the first and historic Transformers movie from 2007, for the role of Captain Lennox, to date his most famous role of all.

It continued in the franchise until 2011’s Transfomers 3, alternating in the meantime with several romantic comedies such as Mark Steven Johnson’s Fountain of Love from 2010, Three Suddenly by Greg Berlanti always of the same year and then New Year’s Eve in New York.

The last two major films that saw him among the protagonists were Transformers: The Last Knight of Bay, later reprized the role of Lennox for the end of the saga, and Tuo Simon of 2018, also directed by Berlanti.

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