What powers does Black Adam have? The background of the superhero of The Rock

Raise your hand if you know the story of Black Adam: The character that The Rock will bring to the big screen for the first time in the new DC movie is certainly no stranger, but he probably does not enjoy the popularity of peers like Superman, Wonder Woman or Batman. So why not prepare ourselves adequately for his arrival?

While the first photos from the Black Adam set reach us, therefore, it can certainly be useful to quickly recap the superpowers available to him Teth Adam thanks to the intervention of the wizard Shazam.

Just like the latter, in fact, Adam must pronounce the famous formula in order to exploit his powers: these consist, to be precise, in a ‘incredible resistance to physical attacks, a speed higher than that of light, a super-force that allows him to stand up to even people like Superman and boundless knowledge.

Not only that: ours is able to heal instantly from any injury, to heal other people and to perform interdimensional journeys. Of course, it is not yet clear if all these powers will be transposed into the film version of the character: the possibilities, however, are definitely interesting! And you, what are your expectations for the film with Dwayne Johnson? Let us know in the comments! About The Rock: it seems that the daughter of the actor still continues to prefer Aquaman to Black Adam.

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