what songs are there in the Zack Snyder movie?

After Justice League’s epic 4-hour soundtrack, the composer Junkie XL has returned to collaborate with the director Zack Snyder also for the new film Army of the Dead, outgoing on Netflix from next 21 May.

A few minutes ago, while we anticipated the plot of the Army of the Thives prequel, Milan Records unveiled all the details on Army of the Dead (Music from the Netflix Film), officially opening pre-orders (in the link at the bottom of the article). Inside our article you can find the official cover of the Junkie XL soundtrack, which obviously follows the poster of Snyder’s film, and the complete list of tracks that make up the composer’s new effort.

  1. Long live las vegas
  2. Scott and Kate Part 1
  3. Scott and Kate Part 2
  4. Scott and Kate Part 3
  5. Dead pants
  6. Swimming Pool
  7. Not Here
  8. 3 Flares
  9. Battle Hallway Part 1
  10. Battle Hallway Part 2
  11. Zeus and Athena Part 1
  12. Zeus and Athena Part 2

We remind you that the film is set in a narrative universe in which a devastating zombie outbreak struck the United States but was confined to the city of Las Vegas, which today is separated from the rest of the world by a huge barricade: a group of mercenaries is sent inside the contaminated area to recover a large loot left in a casino during the first days of the apocalypse.

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