What To Expect From The 2020 iPhone?

The new set of iPhone is not letting you with more highlights much from the recent 2019 high-end iPhones and will more or less have a similar design except the addition of rear camera lenses.

Another update that the latest iPhones might get could be the complete removal of 3D touch and a shift towards the Haptic Touch probably.

These are some of the possible predictions, based on the visit of Barclays analyst to the Apple suppliers in Asia regarding the 2020 iPhone models.

Some of the more advanced and internal changes might be a 4GB RAM instead of 3 GB in the next generation of iPhone XR.

They also might include some upgrades and improvisations relating to the newer 5G technologies which demand 5G support.

The new iPhones also hint to having 3D sensing through the rear camera system which could be quite the game changer in the world of smartphones.

Another interesting feature is the possibility of an acoustic fingerprint system which may allow full-screen Touch ID.

Since iPhones have a trend of always bringing in the latest and most unexpected technology and releasing phones with slight upgrades, there is also a probability of a release for another iPhone SE 2 which would be close to the iPhone 8 in terms of the internal features.

This might release in the earlier months of 2020.

Added realistic prediction is LG becomes the auxiliary supplier to the OLED displays, that owned by iPhones in 2019 and a spilled of around 10-30% with Samsung.

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