what was your first film and which one gave you success?

Over the years we have seen Tom Cruise in many different situations, most of which also decidedly dangerous (for the Mission: Impossible saga alone, ours has taken more risks than many colleagues have taken in an entire career). But when was the star of Top Gun born, cinematically?

The actor Tom Cruise actually begins to have a certain age: the debut of ours dates back to 1981, the year in which we see him appear just 19 years old in Endless Love by Franco Zeffirelli. However, it is still a small role, far from those engagements as an absolute protagonist that will begin to fall in a few years.

Yes, because even in the case of Cruise there is a particular film to do from watershed to his career and no, we’re not talking about Top Gun: the film that propelled ours towards international success was indeed Risky Business, in 1983, the first real starring role of the future star of Jerry Maguire, Vanilla Sky and Eyes Wide Shut.

From then on, the story is known and speaks of one of the most beloved actors in the world today, but above all ready for business. more and more exciting: in fact, in some time, Tom Cruise will leave for the International Space Station.

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