What will Galilea Montijo do? They come out their "clothes" in the sun

A series of controversies involving the popular host of "Today"Galilea Montijo, and other collaborators, would reveal controversial situations such as," infidelities "and even" money problems "came to light after facing each other in the"harina Challenge".

Apparently, for some people the arrival of the New Year will start with new controversies that will haunt the drivers of the early broadcast of "Today"After revealing some" dirty laundry ", it was Galilea Montijo who also had something to tell.

After the cast of drivers faced each other in a game called "flour challenge", several exposed various situations that they would have experienced during 2020, the moment was completely revealing.

The debts of Galilea Montijo

In the midst of the interaction between the presenters, she was the one remembered "ex girl tv"who hinted that during 2020 he had embraced" many debts. "

"Gali"She pointed out that during said year she had to borrow, before revealing more details, the driver filled her face with white powder, implying that she faced the situation that would lead her to borrow, however, she did not specify the amount or the deal or circumstances in which it was forced to this measure.

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It should be said that the confessions of the famous host of the Televisa program lacked revelation before those shared by other members of the cast of hosts.

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An example of this was the presenter on "Black" Araiza who, when rushing to take his turn, smashed his face on the pillow with talcum powder and responded to questions about "infidelity" what the same actor and television figure hinted after his response.

Other controversial confessions came from Stanley and Van Rankin, who revealed that in that same year they resorted to cosmetic interventions which were Botox injections, for his part, Paul Stanley admitted to having been on a diet during 2020 to be healthier Like Marisol González, who stands out as one of the most beautiful and who takes great care of her figure.

Likewise, some of the "mischief" that they would have committed against Andrea Escalona came to light, such as the fact of having "thrown his clothes in Acapulco for being ugly" or when Paul and van Rankin got tattooed in full broadcast.

It should be remembered that 2020 was a difficult year for the television program, after the various infections between members of the production they also faced the sudden loss of their producer, Magda Rodríguez at the end of November.

After this, various changes were rumored to be made in the broadcast after the sister of the director took her place.

Finally, it was a photograph that Montijo shared in Acapulco where he could be seen in the company of his family and several of his colleagues in a group photo, which led to several criticisms for not respecting health measures due to the virus.

He was also singled out for not sharing the news and not paying tribute to the character as was done in other production houses, however, other media pointed out that the possible reasons were due to the broadcast recording its last shows in Acapulco.

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This is how on December 30, 2020, the collaborators of one of the most experienced programs on the part of the San Ángel television station, "Hoy", closed one more year, remembering the good and bad moments of the year that was leaving .



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