WhatsApp trick to have bubbles like in Messenger

There is a new WhatsApp option that you will surely like, in case you like to chat with the bubbles that appear in Facebook Messiger, now you can do it in the App.

Of course, not everyone likes this new option technological, although at first it takes a while to get used to, later you discover that this upgrade it is really very practical, however there are people who prefer the old way.

For a long time that "the bubujas" of the chat that appears in Facebook Messenger have become famous, and now you can also enjoy them on your account WhatsApp.

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With this new option you will be able to have faster access to your conversations, the advantage is that you will not lose any of your chats, you will also be able to use it according to the My Pocket portal, which will make you feel more secure and comfortable.

Although this function is exclusive to Facebook Messenger thanks to technology and updates you can also enjoy it and use it to WhatsApp.

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Play Store can give you some applications to download that comply with these functions so that you can perform this procedure and activate them in WhatsApp, and even other messaging apps.

In the following way is that you can enjoy this option also in your WhatsApp, it is actually a fairly simple way that you can apply immediately, then we will tell you how:

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It is the application called "Notify" it is one of the list in which you can have chat bubbles for your WhatsApp application, what you should do is obviously download it, and give the App permission so that it could access notifications from both WhatsApp , Twitter, Telegram, among other applications that you may have to chat with your family and friends.

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Another application that you can also use is called "Whatsbubble", this function also gives WhatsApp the option of having chat bubbles as in Facebook Messenger, and enjoy these options.

There is an exception, if your phone is from the apple brand you will not be able to enjoy these bubbles so you will have to wait for this function to be unlocked for iPhone.

You can put this chat in the chat on the home screen, so you can enter the chats more quickly and efficiently.

It is thanks to technological advances that we have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits more easily.

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As technology advances around the world, applications have done it on a par with these, so each of the new advances has also sought a way that everything is in parallel, so each new phone model that launches brings new applications, new options to use.

Slowly WhatsApp has shown some tricks that have facilitated the use of the application, users are delighted with each of the new updates that the application has been having because every time it asks you to update the system there are those who are excited to know that there will be a new trick that you can enjoy.

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Another of the new options you can use is the stickers, a new option to create cut-out images, hundreds of people have dedicated themselves to creating entertaining stickers with photographs or taking images from videos, whether of normal people or celebrities.

Another novelty provided by the application are also animated stickers and lately those that include sound, which in fact is also very easy to do, there are some mini tutorials so you can create them very easily and above all quickly.

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