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The WhatsApp instant messaging application has endless tricks that you cannot imagine and this time we have a new one which will help you recover those messages that already were eliminated.

Backups are an option offered by WhatsApp to avoid losing your messages and files from this social network, so it is extremely important to manage it frequently so that you can recover those that you deleted by mistake.

If you are looking to keep in touch easily and quickly, without a doubt the instant messaging application WhatsApp is the indicated one, but there are times that certain things happen that we end up regretting, such is the case of having deleted a message by mistake.

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And it is that surely it has happened to you that you want remove some conversation or messages that are not important or you just want to do a clean to have more space, however, then you realize that some messages turn out that they were important and you want to retrieve them again.

Well, even if you don't believe it or it is difficult to believe, it is possible to recover your messages and conversations in WhatsApp deleted, but keep in mind that only if you make frequent backups through Google Drive or iCloud will you have this opportunity to return to having conversations that have been deleted.

An article on the "How to recover" site explains that conversations can accidentally disappear when updating the device, mistakenly selecting options for deleting conversations, or changing cell phones.

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That is why it points out that the easiest way to recover the messages you lost is to uninstall the application and install it again.


Obviously it is essential to save the backup copies, and if you are a user of an Android device, you will have to store it in your Google Drive account. To do this, you just have to open your WhatsApp, select the part of "Settings", "Chats", then "Backup" and choose the "Save" option. In this section it will give you the option to save it in different periods.

On the other hand, if you are an iPhone user, to recover your messages from WhatsApp, first you have to go to "Settings" within the app, select "Chats" and then "Automatic Backup" and select the period to save the copy of your messages at the frequency that suits you best, in this way they will be stored on your iCloud.

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To save the messages you have deleted, now you have to remove the application from your cell phone and reinstall it. During the installation, it will ask you to confirm your phone number and then it will give you the option to rescue your conversations, this will cause the last copy of your conversations to be recovered from your Google or iCloud account.

It is important to mention that if messages are sent to you through this social network during the period of restoration and recovery of conversations, they may not be saved. Also, it is recommended that you backup to cloud storage so that you can recover your messages and files much faster.

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There is also another option for message recovery, however, this requires more attention to the files that are in the memory of your cell phone. For these actions, you will require a file browser, so if you do not have one installed, you can use one from the application store.

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To start this process, you must open the folder WhatsApp which is located on your SDcard or in the internal memory of your cell phone. In this space, your conversations and files are also saved automatically.

Then locate the messages or files that you want to recover and change the names, removing the dates, since they have a name of the type msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12, resulting in msgstore.db.crypt12. Then uninstall WhatsApp, reinstall the latest version offered by the app store and at the end import your conversations along with their respective files.

This process can also be done by connecting the device to the computer and doing a deep search, after starting with the same reinstallation of the application, but this will only have a great guarantee as long as the backups are made.

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