Rome, Agency. In a village in Italy, people felt amazing when they opened the drains in their houses. Alcohol was flowing in place of water from drains. In this village named Modena, people filled every vessel of their house with pink wine. Many people enjoyed this wine from morning to evening only. This all happened due to a technical glitch.

Alcohol was found in the local water supply. The liquor collection resulted in leakage due to high pressure. However, the defect was soon identified and corrected. The local council has since apologized for this on Facebook.

Due to this it was a divine experience for some people and some were upset due to it. Many people have demanded to make the water supply more secure. Many people said that it should be laughed at or expressed concern over.

On the complaint of the villagers, the local council issued an apology for the incident on Facebook. Earlier, the problem was resolved by the council. Although Lambrusco is not in great demand overseas, Modena's Lambrusco DOC is known for its distinct taste. It is a light sparkling red wine.

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Explain that built in the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy Lambrusco Is made in many styles. White, red or pink with sweetness ranging from dry to very sweet. The latter style gained considerable popularity here in the states during the 1970s, identifying Lambrusco as only a sweet wine.

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Drinking is a part of Italy's culture

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The practice of drinking alcohol is part of the culture of Italy. Italy has had a cultural affiliation with wine for many centuries. Not only with food but also drinking wine, opening champagne at every happy occasion, these are some of the customs that remain a part of everyday life of Italian people.

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