While Alejandra Guzmán slept, Frida Sofía was abused

The latest revelations from the singer Frida Sofía has turned the name of the famous Guzmán-Pinal family upside down, not only accusing her grandfather, Enríque, but also assuring that her mother's boyfriends, Alejandra Guzmán "abused her" when she was still little.

A strong scandal attacks the family of Enríque Guzmán and Silvia Pinal again in 2021, this after Frida Sofia, The singer's granddaughter, who last Wednesday launched a strong accusation against her, now points out that she was a victim of her mother's partners, Alejandra Guzmán.

Through tears and when questioned on the subject, the rocker's daughter revealed in an interview that her sexual life was a true "hell" when she started at a very young age by a partner of the Mexican star.

Several men that my mother knew and in the hotel room, since my mother was asleep, there always.

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According to Frida Sofía's statements, she constantly witnessed the men with whom her mother was in private, who after finishing the act with the interpreter of "La Plaga" looked for her and touched her ind3b! Dam3nte when she was still a child, she revealed to the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

After he again questioned her about whether one of them abused her, with tears in her eyes the young and influencer said yes. He even revealed that he did not even know who it was, it was someone unknown.

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Unfortunately, her mother, a renowned figure of the show, did not even realize it since Frida herself reveals that she completely lost her sense of reality with alcohol and did not even know what was happening around her at those moments.

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Since Frida Sofía broke the silence about the bad relationship between her and her mother triggered by the alleged relationship between her ex-partner and her mother, Alejandra Guzmán, the young woman has not stopped revealing the strong experiences she lived through being the daughter of the famous singer.

As is known, Alejandra Guzmán fell prey to ad! Cci0nes so unfortunately, her only daughter, the one she procreated with Pablo Moctézuma, has let out the darkest part of their lives.

However, although this is still a strong revelation, perhaps one of the ones that has most shocked everyone was the one she did last Wednesday by directly accusing her grandfather of ind3b! Daly touching her when she was very little.

Through the interview, the young woman, who just showed a vocation to enter the world of entertainment. She opened her heart and revealed the secret reasons that led her to put distance between herself and her family, and even from her own mother, Alejandra Guzmán.

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The 29-year-old revealed that she was also a victim at the age of five of her grandfather's touching under the pretext of "what does a grandfather do who loves his granddaughter?"

You know what's the grossest thing about it all? That when you are so little, they tell you: This is what a grandfather does to his granddaughter who loves her ', and well at that age you have no idea.

You have no conscience, so it becomes normal. And what disgusting, but it's like that sometimes you already start to feel rich or something, do you understand me? Because your private parts are touching you. That's why I kept quiet about it, because I said: So, am I sick? What's up?'.

For his part, Frida's uncle and Alejandra Guzmán's brother, came out in defense of his father and wrote a post that could be rescued from Instagram, moments before he deleted it. In the message, Enríque Guzmán's son defended the singer's honor.

My father is a gentleman and from the values ​​he taught us, we can confirm his children that we know him better than anyone else #fridamiente @eguzmanoficial, "he wrote.

Hours later, Enrique Guzmán posted the following:

I am very concerned about the mental instability of @fridasofia and the stupidity of @gustavoadolfo, a man who knows me perfectly. "

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Around 9:00 p.m., the actor and interpreter wrote another message stating that his granddaughter needs help.

What Frida needs is psychiatric help and I hope she finds it. I AM A GENTLEMAN, "he said after 9:00 p.m.



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