Who and how do the winners of the Golden Globes decide?

Millions of people will tune in this Sunday Golden Globes, the gala that opens the awards season in Hollywood and that trace the path of many films to the Oscars, however, there are many who until now do not know how they choose the winners.

Very few people know that the award is given by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association a exclusive and secret club made up of 90 journalists, some from recognized media and others from unknown publications.

The membership of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is miniscule compared to the nearly 10,000 members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which has awarded Oscars since 1929.

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The HFPA, a non-profit organization, was founded in the 1940s by a small group of foreign journalists who wanted to improve their access to Hollywood and its celebrities.

From the very beginning, the group finally began to exert some influence in the film mecca and, thanks in part to the liters of champagne from their finery and their publicity stunts, they now host one of the most glamorous parties of the awards season in London. Hollywood.

However, not all foreign journalists can be part of the HFPA, as candidates must live in Southern California and have reported on the film industry for a news outlet based outside the United States for at least three years.

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And last but not least, each candidate must be sponsored by at least two current members and any active member can veto an application.

Once admitted to the HFPA, the journalist must, in theory, produce at least six articles, or radio, television or internet pieces per year, to remain an active member.

And the truth is that membership has its privileges, such as having access to exclusive press conferences and screenings.

Unsurprisingly, studios want to make sure HFPA members have watched their movies and TV shows, sometimes in fairly luxurious conditions, according to some stakeholders who have spoken on the condition of anonymity.

Most of the HFPA members are correspondents who work regularly for renowned media outlets, such as El País from Spain, Le Figaro from France or others from the UK.

However, the reputation of the association lost some of its luster when it emerged that a few members did not work as often, in fact one turned out to be a Russian ex-bodybuilder who acted in class B movies, another was the widow of an actor who wrote sometimes for Tahitian media.

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It's like some major media organizations, like the French newspaper Le Monde and The Times of London, lashed out at the HFPA when their correspondents were denied entry.

Despite having great recognition, the association has had its great wave of scandals, a clear example was in 1982, when Pia Zadora won a Golden Globe for a performance considered lousy in the incest drama "Butterfly" , many suggested that the actress's then-husband, Israeli billionaire businessman Meshulam Riklis, had bought out voters by inviting them to Las Vegas for a screening.

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As you may know, the Golden Globe awards are very similar to the Oscars, however, the first ceremony also includes the best of television and is the only occasion where the celebrities of the seventh art share recognition with the stars of the screen girl.



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