Who is stronger between Godzilla and King Kong? Let’s compare the two iconic monsters

From today on the Italian on demand platforms, Godzilla vs Kong is finally available, the awaited new chapter of the MonsterVerse that will confront two of the most iconic giants in the history of cinema. But which of them is best equipped to win in this spectacular head-to-head battle?

On the occasion of the film’s release, the Science Focus website decided to ask for help from vertebrate zoologist Darren Naish to find out who is actually stronger between Godzilla and King Kong. If you have not yet seen the film, we specify, you have nothing to worry about: it is a purely theoretical comparison and based on the characteristics of the two giants, and not on the events of Adam Wingard’s film, so there is no danger of spoilers.

Let’s start with the King of Monsters. First, the article points out that the Japanese monster can count on one very solid natural armor which protect him from much of the direct attacks of the opponents. Its titanic size, combined with a sturdy jaw and conical teeth, allow it to deliver a phenomenally powerful bite. Also, thanks to the serrated tail and his famous atomic radius – which is estimated to be able to exceed the temperature of 500,000 degrees centigrade – is lethal even in long-distance clashes.

As for Kong, on the other hand, we can take for granted that even the King of Primates is a creature with extraordinary physical strength, especially if we consider the fact that normal gorillas are about 10 times stronger than a human being. 70 meters make it a constant danger in close battles, and moreover, unlike his opponent in question, he is endowed with great agility for his size. Despite this, his biggest advantage over Godzilla is undoubtedly intelligence: as a primate, Kong is able to plan his moves in advance and thus adopt a sort of strategy, managing to understand situations that other animals might miss. This is also reflected in his ability to create and exploit tools, as can also be seen from the official trailer for Godzilla vs Kong.

That said, as many of you surely expect, the final verdict can only elect Godzilla as the winner. On the other hand we are talking about an incredibly robust colossus that is capable of firing atomic rays from its mouth. However, the site notes that Kong could use his intelligence to trick the Kaiju into a lethal trap.

What do you think about it? Do you agree with these considerations? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, we leave you to our review of Godzilla vs Kong.

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