Who wins between Godzilla and King Kong? All about the new movie and the future of the MonsterVerse

Adam Wingard’s successful Godzilla vs Kong has finally been released in Italian territory in digital rental and purchase, unfortunately skipping the room, and in the last forty minutes of battle and destruction, really intense and spectacular, we have witnessed the victories of one of the two titular monsters of the crossover project of Monster Fresh.

The question we will answer is therefore the following: who is to triumph between Godzilla and King Kong, between Predator Alapha and the King of Primates?

After a face-to-face of colossal proportions in a tiny Hong Kong battlefield compared to the proportions of the two Titans, between blinding neon lights and a wonderful transition from night to day, with a new dawn, Godzilla’s paw presses hard on a Kong’s half-torn chest almost dying after the fierce encounter. Kong is now helpless and Godzilla approaches, roaring in his face and receiving in response the scream of the gigantic primate, which, however, finally fails and gets back on his feet and the loser turns out.

Things change but when Mechagodzilla arrives, which forces Kong and Godzilla to team up, with Kong being the Titan after all inflicting the final blow to the mecha-Titan. Finally looking each other in the eye with the Alpha Predator, Kong throws the ax to the ground not in surrender but out of friendship and respect against the opponent, that however, he remains the King of the Titans.

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