why did the Halloween dad make some movies under an assumed name?

Between the 70s and 80s, at the peak of his legendary career, John Carpenter he dealt with most aspects of his films. In District 13 – The Death Brigades, for example, the filmmaker was credited as director, screenwriter, music writer and editor.

At some point in his journey, Carpenter however, he began to use pseudonyms like John T. Chance, James T. Chance, Frank Armitage, Rip Haight and Martin Quatermas – obviously inspired by the icons of his favorite films – to sign the screenplay, the subject, or the montage of some of his films, from The lord of evil a They live. The reason? Was sick of seeing his name all over the place.

“Well, I wrote under some aliases. I used them because I was really tired of seeing my name on everything. He did this, he did that, he did this.” in fact explained the director during a 2015 interview with Creative Screenwriting. “I think I reached my limit when someone showed me a big Christine billboard. I looked at it and my name was repeated over and over, and I thought I should be ashamed. It was above the headline, then it was repeated. , then it was in the music, then the director, then one more thing – my God! How much arrogance. “

We remind you that Carpenter recently took care of the music of Halloween Kills, the new chapter of the slasher saga coming in October 2021. Meanwhile, the director has talked about his possible return to the set with Kurt Russell.

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