why was the film not made? Druckmann explains it to us

In the past, a film adaptation of The Last of Us, the masterpiece Naughty Dog came out on PS3 in 2013, it seemed a certainty: the works began in 2014 thanks to the joint efforts of Sony e Screen Gems, with Sam Raimi to production e Neil Druckmann to the script.

However, in 2016 the project ran aground due to various production problems and within a short time everything was blocked. Now it’s Druckmann himself, creator of the much-loved starring series Ellie e Joel, to reveal why The Last of Us movie never materialized. Intervened during the Script Apart podcast, the director explained that the film would be too focused on action that would not have married well with the narrative component: “When I worked on the film version, a lot of the notes and thoughts were ‘how do we make it bigger? How do we make all the components bigger? ‘“, explains Druckmann, who then arrives at the focal point of the question: a similar approach” nIt wouldn’t have worked for The Last of Us and that’s basically why the film didn’t make itself“.

But the plans to expand the series beyond the world of video games did not stop, finally materializing in the TV series The Last of Us produced by HBO whose production is expected to start next July 5 and finish in June 2022. Druckmann said that the transition from cinema to television made it possible to capture the spirit of video games more faithfully: “Our approach with The Last of Us was’ let’s make an indie movie out of it. Let’s approach it as if we were the crew of an indie film, the way it is shot, however small and intimate it may seem. And with the TV series we will be able to immerse ourselves even more in all of this even more since we will not have to have as many action sequences as in the game.“stresses the mastermind behind the franchise.

In the long wait that separates us from the arrival of the television series, something new seems to be moving in the videogame field: it seems that Naughty Dog has written a draft of the plot of The Last of Us Part 3. But it is still too early to hope to see again soon. the beloved series in action on PS5.

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