Why would the end of Pati Chapoy come to Ventaneando? reveal


In many of the comments it has been possible to glimpse the possible destination of the popular Tv Azteca program, "Windowing", after the possible departure of its star host Pati Chapoy.

What will happen to the broadcast? Will Daniel Bisogno or Pedro Sola be in charge? are some of the issues surrounding the strong rumors that point to the possible departure of the owner of said program, Pati chapoy.

It was the journalist Jorge Carbajal who recently spread the news that the stay of the consolidated host of the evening broadcast, Pati Chapoy, is at stake after Tv Azteca is considering removing her from the broadcast.

Apparently, the end would not only be for the host but also for the entire program, according to the journalist, adding to the rumors that have accompanied the broadcast in recent years.

After 24 years on the air, the rumor about the imminent end of the broadcasting of shows is once again taking more force as the entertainment journalist now reveals.

The plans that Tv Azteca has raised for the program are still unknown, which currently seems to face a strong "rating" crisis as well as other errors that have arisen during the broadcast, such as mayonnaise or beer, which in turn, they have resulted in the loss of various sponsorships.

So now after starting this month the alarms began to sound again since many suspect that before the end of this year something will happen with the famous broadcast. So it is expected that at some point it will be known if it will suffer from some changes or definitely say goodbye to the air.

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The above, after the brutal drop in rating, which has been accompanying the television program in the last ten years, although this 2020 has been decisive for the fate of this program.


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However, said production of the Ajusco television station has also had to face some other problems such as rumors that damage its image and have reduced its credibility as well as those that point out that the production has paid for interviews, a version that the drivers themselves would have clarified in the past. broadcasts, noting that no one has ever been paid to share their versions of events on the show.

The above, after the last scandal of the director Carlos Marcovich, who would have been pointed out by an actress of "ac0so y agr3s! Ones".

To this is added that now advertisers are not even interested in appearing in the broadcast when before they even paid 200 thousand pesos, as detailed by himself Jorge Carbajal Through his YouTube channel, better known as "Productora 69".

"Ventaneando will cease to be the one we all know" and everything seems to indicate that this would occur in early 2021, the journalist reported.

They are already talking seriously about the great possibility that this year they will no longer give Pati Chapoy a chance and could go out 'Ventaneando' at the end of December ".

Among the first plans, he pointed out, they would try to give it a new image, with new drivers along with Pati Chapoy herself who would now be from production and would not appear in front of the program.

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This, within the first plans to try to capture the public's attention again, if even with these measures the entry of sponsorships does not improve as much as the audience levels, more radical measures would definitely be taken, he said.

I don't know if the name will be changed, but Pati Chapoy's head is at stake.

Among many other theories that the hosts of the "Shock" program also put forward about the problems of "Ventaneando", they addressed the supposed commitments with famous figures that would lead them to not handle the information truthfully, they refer.

In addition to this is added the confrontations between Pati Chapoy and Alberto Ciurana, the head of Content and Distribution at Ajusco, who apparently exposed himself several years ago did not maintain a very cordial relationship.

Someone who makes many decisions is Ciurana and he does not tolerate Pati Chapoy. Sandra, who is the second of Ciurana, does not tolerate 'Ventaneando' either, so if it is in them to remove it they will remove it now. Things are getting difficult for Chapoy and the team.

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Will there be a future for Ventaneando?

However, given all these rumors, it is still expected that the broadcast or one of the executives will provide an official version about the fate of the program in the remainder of this 2020 as well as the following years.

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