Will a miracle wake him up? "Sleeping prince" moves his fingers


New news raises the hopes of the family of the so-called "The Sleeping Prince", Al-Waleed bin Khalid after it was recently known that after remaining immobile for 15 years, he managed to move his hand.

This would be a signal for the relatives of the Saudi prince, who would wait for a miracle for 10 years in which the young man had remained almost lifeless in a hospital bed.

On another occasion, the young man had already manifested a slight reaction when he moved his head, a fact that occurred five years ago, however, it was known that the doctors attributed it to an "involuntary movement".

Now the second and most hopeful of his responses was that he wiggled his fingers, for those close to the now 33-year-old Saudi royal, this is a great sign that he will finally wake up at some point and have a miraculous recovery. .

Al-Waleed bin Khalid's parents, Prince Khaled bin Talal, and his mother, Princess Mona Riad El Solh, daughter of the Lebanese leader, finally see a light at the end of the tunnel after waiting for several years after refusing to remove the life support that kept him alive.

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But the most curious thing in this great news is that a video shared on Instagram by the medium @alafkarmagazine shows the moment in which the young man seems to react to the voices of a woman by slightly raising the fingers of his hand.

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The animated voices of a woman asking you to try to move your fingers and wave your hand is evident through said material, so this has undoubtedly restored the faith of her relatives that she can overcome her condition. .

It was the young man's aunt, Al-Waleed bin Khalid, Noura Bin Talal Bin Abdel Aziz, who affectionately spoke to him in a desperate attempt to revive him.

Hi say, say Hello, the voice of the young man's aunt is heard as he repeatedly tries to react with his fingers.

The event that changed his life in seconds

Prince Al-Waleed bin Khalid's life changed in a second after a spectacular mishap that occurred five years ago that led him to an induced coma and to live on artificial life support at the will of his parents.

The young man was 18 years old at the time, he was driving his car in London where he was studying military sciences, it was a moment when he was the victim of a serious car accident and was immediately transferred to Riyadh to be subjected to intensive therapy which lasted little more than a decade.

Five years ago, the prince would have been transferred from the hospital to his family's residence where he was kept in a vegetative state.

If God had wanted to take him away, he would now be in a grave and it is he who has saved his life all these years, now he can heal and recover him, a source close to the family told the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

His condition was so critical that he was diagnosed with "clinical death", and during all those years the prince had only had one reaction until the most recent one where he clearly shows that hope is the last thing to be lost.

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It is worth mentioning that this has caused great emotion to users who have shared several comments in which they express their wish that he soon awakens and recovers since this is a clear sample of divine mercy.

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