will be the remake of Crimes of the Future!

David Cronenberg he has been absent from the world of cinema since 2014, the year his latest film was released Maps to the Stars, but after the recent statements by Viggo Mortensen, fans have sensed that the Canadian author was preparing for the big comeback.

A few minutes ago, in fact, the confirmation arrived: this summer Cronenberg will travel to Greece to shoot a science fiction film entitled Crimes Of The Future, a name that will certainly sound familiar to the director’s longtime fans. It is in fact one of his first films, made in 1970 and set in 1997.

With filming starting in early August and running through mid-September, it is not yet confirmed whether it will be a direct remake of the film original or if it will have some differences, but producer Robert Lantos said: “I can’t wait to go back to Greece to shoot another movie. It has been 14 years since we shot Fugitive Pieces in Athens, Hydra and Mitilini, an experience of which I have fond and positive memories. Athens is the perfect setting for Crimes Of The Future, as it is tailor-made for David Cronenberg’s unique vision of a future that mixes with the past“.

We look forward to further details: on Everyeye, in the meantime, find the Everycult on Crash and the Everycult on A History of Violence.

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