Will Keanu Reeves return in Constantine's reboot?

Since the last months of 2019 there was talk about the development of a reboot of the successful film “Constantine” and according to reports and statements that the company issued at that time, Warnes Bros. had mentioned that Keanu Reeves is the first on the list to reprise the fantastic character.

Although, we well know that, thanks to the global health contingency, practically all the film projects have been paused or in the worst of cases canceled, just a few months ago some filming has been resumed.

However, hypothetically speaking of everything being normal, without health complications, it would have been until August of last year that we would have seen the famous and talented Reeves on screen again, with the premiere of Bill and Ted 3, but, for obvious reasons until now we continue waiting.

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And we know very well too, that its popularity will explode again in 2021 with John Wick y Matrix 4We are highly anticipated films by fans of the 55-year-old actor, who will soon face himself at the box office as a quarter of two of his most successful sagas will be released next year, if all goes well.

Throughout his career, Reeves has participated in more than 80 films; so he has other characters loved by popular culture besides Ted, John Wick and Neo, one of them is "John Constantine", which he played in a 2005 film directed by Francis Lawrence.

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The “Constantine” film is based on the DC comic of the same name; However, the film did not receive good reviews for not being completely attached to the original story, at the time, it is for this reason that the company decided to recreate the story, and knowing the scope that Keanu manages to have, they decided to bet on it for to reprise his character.

So, 15 years later, Warner has plans to make a new movie and Keanu Reeves could play the exorcist detective again, according to a source from a famous website, the production company already has the development project with a script by Matsson Tomlin, co-writer of "The Batman."

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Despite the fact that Warner wants Reeves back, the actor is not 100% sure if he will play Constantine again, according to the leak, this response from the actor would be more linked to questions of agenda than taste, since at the beginning of 2019 he declared who has always wanted to play John Constantine again.

The new installment would be a reboot and not a sequel to the 2005 movie, so if Keanu and the production can't match schedules, it wouldn't necessarily affect the story.

But, a few months ago, another small leak occurred, where sources close to Warner and DC claim that Taron Egerton will be "Constantine" for a solo movie that is being prepared, which will not be within the DCEU, since the directors have in look at this actor to play this character.

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Although, if these new films are confirmed, there would be several versions "Constantine" at the same time, since there is one belonging to the Arrowverse played by Matt Ryan, HBO Max is preparing a series of "Justice League Dark" where it will appear, in addition to that, according to DC, the version of Keanu Reeves is the one that belongs to the DCEU, so there would be four personifications of this detective.

But to date there has been no talk about the subject, and everything remains as an assumption, hopefully this year the film industry has no more inconveniences and can continue its course, to provide us with great pieces of entertainment in the seventh art.


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