Will Rifkin’s Festival be Woody Allen’s last film? His words do not bode well

Rifkin’s Festival, the new film written and directed by Woody Allen and set during the San Sebastian film festival, which takes place every year in the city of the Bachi villages.

As is known, due to the ostracism that has risen against the author a few years ago, despite having already been investigated and declared innocent decades ago, Woody Allen’s career is not going through a great period in the United States: also for this reason Rifkin’s Festival p set in Spain but what does the future hold for the director?

Allen, an indefatigable soldier of the film industry now in his 50th film, some time ago he confessed that he already had a new script ready, but because of the coronavirus pandemic Rifkin’s Festival it could be his last film: the shooting of the unpublished project would in fact have to start in Paris (the setting, the only known detail about the story) in the summer of 2020, but obviously they have been postponed.

At the time Allen, now 85, declared: “I am 84 years old, I will soon die. I might as well write the best screenplay in the world, but if no one can produce the film and there’s nowhere to screen it… I’m not very encouraged. I used to finish a script, take it off the typewriter, go to my producer to prepare the budget, choose the cast and start shooting. I’ve been doing this for years, always the same way, a simple process. But now it doesn’t work anymore: what can I do about it? Today people are happy to stay at home, they think it’s nice to have dinner and watch a movie on your big screen with dolby surround. But I don’t want to make movies for television, so I might just decide to stop making movies. I was supposed to shoot the new film in Paris, but the virus put an end to those plans“.

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