Will Smith's son, Jaden Smith could be part of Cobra Kai


The son of Will Smith could give life to “Dre” the boy from the Karate Kid remake for the third season of the successful series "Cobra Kai" and fans of this great story have various theories that suggest that this could be very possible.

"Cobra Kai"After it was launched on the Netflix platform, it gained great popularity among its subscribers who grew up with the Karate Kid movies, which is why now a third season has been confirmed.

The plot of "Cobra Kai" and the impressive finale of the second season have left the window open to many new possibilities for the plot to develop widely in the following seasons, so that before the long wait, thousands of fans have made some theories about the possible paths that production will take now in the hands of Netflix.

It is no secret to anyone that Will Smith is part of the team of the series where he is the executive producer, so it would not sound strange that his son Jaden, who has also already been linked to the successful franchise, being the protagonist of the Karate Kid remake.

That is why given these two coincidences and also because of the affection that Will Smith has for the saga, thousands of fans have already theorized about the possibility that “Dre” the boy who Jaden Smith gave life, is part of the third season of the series.

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According to several fans of the story, it seems that the idea of ​​the executive producer is somehow, both universes can be mixed giving way to the incorporation of "Dre", but that is where the question arises as to how this could be possible.

The theories of the fans indicate that the inclusion of this character to the series, would be like a third aspirant to the throne of the San Fernando Valley, so he could open a dojo and compete against Cobra Kai and Miyagi Do, the dojos of the protagonists in the All Valley martial arts tournament.

This being the case, this could force the dojos to unite to fight the program's m @ tón and although the theory sounds somewhat strange, it could agree, since it is even thought that a new opponent must emerge to fulfill the dream of many, that Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence make peace and team up against a common enemy.

After this theory took great force in social networks, opinions have been divided among fans, since young fans of Cobra Kai they are interested in this new plot twist.

While the backgrounds of the old guard, who are fans since childhood, do not see this turn in the story with good eyes, since they even point out that the Karate Kid remake was a resounding failure and incorporating it into the series would be in a way forced action.

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And it is also that, knowing that the actor Will Smith is the executive producer of Cobra Kai, it is not at all strange that his son Jaden Smith be included in the third season that is expected to be released on Netflix from January 8, 2021.

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It is worth mentioning that the news was known days ago and for many it was a joy, because this controversial singer would repeat the character he played in the emblematic Karate Kid, that is, he will maintain the essence of the original story.

Will Smith He has been very happy with the results of this production that rescues the values ​​and passion for martial arts, so he has not hesitated to share his happiness for this third season on his official Instagram account.

Congratulations to my @cobrakaiseries team on @netflix The show is LLAMAS! Keep kicking ass! "He pointed out.

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