Witch? Lizbeth Rodríguez shows how she makes a mooring in Tiktok


Known as the former "Badabun Girl" and also for having been involved in certain controversies throughout her career Lizbeth Rodriguez, possibly entering a new stage in her life and is that she will probably become a "witch", in her Tik Tok account she showed how a tie was made.

The 26-year-old young driver and businesswoman always finds a way to entertain her fans thanks to her ingenious videos and also photographs, more than one is delighted with her occurrences, most of them are quite comical.

A day ago he decided to refer to Halloween, and if you are a fan of Lizbeth Rodriguez You will remember that he will participate in a few days in a new reality show that will be related to the esoteric and the paranormal, entitled "Barak the experiment".

How will you remember in Tik Tok You can share "short or long" videos between 20 and even 50 seconds approximately, the application gives you the option to put audios of songs or phrases that other people have said in one of their videos, you can record yourself doing lipsync, it is something quite entertaining , the application has become quite popular in the world.

Lizbeth Rodriguez He used the song from "Everybody Makes Mistake" s by singer Jason Wolbert, in his video the driver appears, with a large black hood, is accompanied by a pretty candle on an object that would surely cause you chills when you see it, and also of a kind of doll to which he finishes "tying" however he remembers that they told him that he had the wrong hair.

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It's funny to see her act, because she immediately remembers what they told her and blows out the candle as a sign of her mistake, she does all this with great ingenuity, as a whole theater graduate showed her talents as an actress.

Unfortunately, most of the comments that have her video speak in a negative and derogatory way towards her, although we have also seen that on several occasions Lizbeth Rodriguez It doesn't bother her or cause her any pain, she even seems amused by so much hateful comment against her.

In two more days, she will be participating alongside Celia Lora, Dama G, la Divasa and other internet personalities who are influencers like her, in a new project that will surely captivate millions and that is that six Influencers from Mexico will participate in esoteric activities and paranormal, surely for this reason is that he shared this video.

The beautiful and controversial Lizbeth Rodríguez has been working hard since she left the Badabun company, she managed to launch a project similar to "Exposing infidels" with a different name, she titled it "Secrets".

The influencer also launched programs on YouTube alongside Laura Bozzo, little by little she has become a celebrity, although not in a positive way according to some people, due to the fact that she has been involved in several controversies in more than one occasion affecting third parties that is why it is highly criticized as it tends to expose other people, whether they are celebrities or not.

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Something new that his fans have been speculating is the fact that he has not shared stories with his boyfriend Esteban Villagómez, so many believe that they have ended their relationship with him, in addition to some comments he has shared on his Instagram account making reference to singleness.

A Lizbeth Rodriguez She loves taking pictures on several occasions, we have seen her look impressive in snapshots showing her figure and her personality.

It is something curious because apparently Lizbeth has actually become quite haters, who despite the fact that they can unsubscribe from their social networks or simply block it, they continue to write her messages and see everything she publishes, it is really something contradictory.

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