With flirty glitters Kim Kardashian celebrated her birthday in style


One of the most famous celebrities in America Kim Kardashian, who for a few days shared an impressive photograph in honor of his birthday, had a dual purpose not only to celebrate his birthday, but also to give some promotions of his products.

For some years now, the name of Kim Kardashian has been trending continuously, starting with a video leaked on the internet, it was with him that she began to become famous, unfortunately she has to be grateful for this event, if it had not been for him, he did not have the popularity of today.

Later thanks to the reality show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"is that both Kanye West's wife and his sisters and even his own mother Kris Jenner, became great personalities in the United States and the Internet, especially on Instagram.

Taking advantage of this popularity, Kim Kardashian decided to launch a line of cosmetics that gradually grew, later she decided to opt for other products such as her renowned girdles.

The publication that she made four days ago appears wearing a silver bathing suit, on top she wears shiny leggings also in silver, apparently, her shoes are transparent, she is sitting on top of a huge birthday cake, this is to honor the opal theme of her new line of cosmetics.

Description that Kim Kardashian He wrote, it was a new line inspired by his own birthstone "the opal", he also added that it was already available in stores with a 40% discount for his birthday.

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If you want to see the photograph of Kim Kardashian, click on the following LINK.

This new collection includes several products among which we find semi-matte liquid lipstick in eight different shades, it also includes a palette of compact powders of 10 trays, gloss with opalescent birthstone and two new shades of opalescent lip liner, of which claims she is the best seller.

If you buy the entire collection you will have a 40% discount on the products, it is not known if that promotion was exclusively on his birthday or if it would have a period of time.

In addition to having beauty and skincare products in addition to her girdles, she also has some fragrances that she has launched alongside her sisters.

Kim Kardashian currently has around 190 million followers around the world, so any product, service or anything you sell if you post it on your Instagram account, it will immediately become popular and start selling thousands even millions of whatever you promote. .

So far she has been surpassed only by her better sister Kylie by 8 million followers above her, however, although Kylie Jenner has been very close to taking the throne from her, Kim Kardashian will always be an icon of fashion and popular culture in the United States. United and the world.

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Its popularity has grown so much that there are some international models that users often call "the Kim Kardashian" and the name of their country, among them we find Joselyn Cano from Mexico (although she lives in the United States) and Anastasia Kvikto of Russian origin, but he also lives in the United States.

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"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" is not the only good that Kim has participated, as you well know he is also a law student so he decided to launch a reality show, where he supported some people who were in jail for the most part were women, also appeared in other reality shows of her sisters Khloé and Kourtney

As for television, he has participated in around 15 films and appearances in different television programs, from 2007 to 2020.

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