With nothing low! Kim Kardashian shows a lot of skin in photo

The pretty businesswoman Kim Kardashian He shared an image in which he promoted a new gloss line, however the interesting thing was the photo in which he appears wearing a net that seems to be made of metal, the interesting thing is that he does not have anything underneath.

Although it is already something usual in the older sister of Kylie Jenner, the businesswoman and social media star always finds a way to surprise her followers, which she has managed to do on some occasions without sharing content on her social networks but with the scandals in the that she and her family have been a part of over the years.

Not only with his reality show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" where each of the members of the Kardashian Jenner clan starred in some chapters with their own internal family scandals but also those that escaped outside their nucleus.

Kim Kardashian has had both positive and negative things when being a public figure, clearly being a recognized celebrity in the show business comes with its blessings, however, it is also in a very fragile thread with which it immediately becomes a trend when something bad happens to its Around, one of the clearest examples was the infidelity of Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson, the first was Kylie's best friend and the second the couple and father of Kholé Kardashian's daughter.

The scandal that the couple caused lasted several weeks and could even be said for months, and just like this there are others; something that also always draws the attention of Kim Kardashian are her photographs in which she tends to show extra skin, although for her and her sisters it tends to be quite common.

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It was in a publication that she made on December 5, 2019 where she was promoting a new gloss in a beautiful brown tone from one of her makeup lines, in the photograph we see her using it, however the interesting thing is that she does not wear anything underneath of a kind of metal net top so it draws the attention of its millions of followers.


I am so obsessed with this lip! We used trendy 90s eyeliner and matte lipstick. I wanted a shiny look so we used Black Cherry gloss on my lips and then dabbed on the lids over the shadows from the Glitz & Glam palette, "wrote Kim Kardashian.

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It should be remembered that for a time the queen of contouring decided not to re-publish content where she showed a lot of skin, this because according to what she mentioned in a video she had already become a mother and wife, so the image that in many advertisements they appeared about her were not the most prudent.

There are those who claim that this request was made to her by her husband Kanye West Due to the fact that he had converted to Christianity, the fact that his wife showed her charms to the public was not something that made him proud, however this taste lasted for a short time, so later on she appeared wearing her SKIMS bodysuits and girdles.

Recently Kim Kardashian has been seen in what could have been the biggest scandal of her life, as there are those who claim that she is separated from Kanye West and that she has even filed for divorce, however that is not the great scandal because already had gone through other divorces, but because of the fact that they claim he was unfaithful with Jeffree Star a makeup guru.

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