With stretch marks! Manelyk proudly showed off her body

Acapulco Shore is the Mexican version of Jersey Shore, the MTV reality show that Internet users have liked so much, Manelyk González She is one of the constant members in each of the seasons of the program, known for her spectacular figure, she recently shared a photo where she shows off her stretch marks which make her even more beautiful than she is.

The popularity and constant trend of the program has made the members of Acapulco Shore quickly become celebrities, from the first season they managed to conquer viewers and social networks.

Mane She has had the opportunity as a former member of the reality show to have a career that is not only an influencer, but also became a great businesswoman, and for a long time she ventured into the cinema, she has had some participations in certain Mexican films, which if Well they have been small roles they have made his name more and more known, one of his performances was in the movie "Twenty-year-old, single and fantastic" alongside Vadhir Derbéz, Paulina Goto and Natalia Téllez.

Among the businesses he has undertaken in addition to modeling and promoting different companies on his social networks, Manelyk launched a line of girdles that fit the waist quite well, in addition to several products for skin care, so far they are the ones that are known, however it is believed that it has others in which we hope it will do the best in this stage that has little undertaken.

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Manelyk is also known for having a figure that has caused more than sighs among her followers, over the years she has been improving her physical appearance, combining three things, diet, exercise and some aesthetic arrangements that Mane has not denied.

Today she is one of the most beautiful women and for whom her admirers feel great love for which, on continuous occasions, they let them know through her messages in the comment box of her publications.

This was applied in her most recent publication, where she was showing her stretch marks, that although they are not very noticeable, she is proud to wear them and show them off, therefore she does not feel less beautiful than she is.


In the photograph, she appears sitting, perhaps she is in front of the beach or perhaps in front of the pool, if something that we know very well about Manelyk is that she is fascinated by the sun and the sea, Mane is wearing a two-piece swimsuit, as is customary in her it is quite tiny, so it reveals what for many would be a great defect, however for others are a source of pride.

Whoever is perfect, comment with Whoever wants to be perfect, comment Stretch marks ... Some women never have them !!! and at others we get the point is like the ports, "he wrote in his publication.

Manelyk could not be more right in the description of his publication, stretch marks are unfortunately associated with ugliness, usually in magazines we see models without having a single centimeter of stretch marks and even cellulite as mentioned by Manelyk, there are people who never They come out even if they have children, but there are those who appear immediately, it is important to feel proud of our body like her.

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This image is a great example for others, as long as we carry it with pride, it will not affect our self-esteem and those around us will also see our value and that we feel good about ourselves.

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