With suggestive dance, Camila Cabello surprises all her fans



The singer of Cuban American origin Camila Cabello He surprised his followers after he shared a video where he was dancing to a Latin song, the interesting thing was that he was doing quite suggestive movements.

Camila Cabello has become an important symbol for the young generation that follows her music and her music, she is an example and a role model, she has always maintained a responsible and considerate image with others, that is why she herself commented in one of her publications that the parents of her followers admired and trusted her, because she was not usually surrounded by controversy like other celebrities.

Although this video is a bit out of the ordinary Camila Cabello She looks really beautiful, she wears a two-piece suit in yellow with white shorts and a blouse, when doing certain movements that in Latin America are very common when dancing tropical songs, she surely caused the surprise of her fans.

Five days ago that video was shared that lasts only a few seconds, Camila cabello looks very funny and enjoying the song, surely you know well that she speaks quite fluently in Spanish this song is singing to me at the same time as he dances although his voice is not heard much.

If you want to see the video, click on the following LINK and enjoy watching the beautiful singer dance.


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It is the month of Latin heritage and also because my choreographies that are also my family and the best people in the world I am here to dance like a fool with their clothes outside honest otherwise it would be much better, "wrote Camila Cabello.

Her two choreographers launched a clothing line that she is promoting herself, the two pieces that she is wearing are actually quite striking, Camila Cabello it looks extremely beautiful in addition, from what you can see it is quite comfortable.

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Camila cabello is characterized by being a happy, friendly singer who has a beautiful light that captivates not only her followers but also the public that has come to know her, through television, her music or her social networks.

This action that he carried out has received a lot of response from his followers, is about to reach 9 million views and has more than 30 thousand comments, among them great personalities of the medium among which are: Luis Fonsi, Eugenio Derbez and Alejandro Sanz who applaud his detail towards his friends.

The song that Camila Cabello is dancing is from the nineties, it belongs to the Azul Azul group and is titled "La b0mba".

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Recently Camila Cabello He went out to break the silence due to certain rumors that haunt their relationship, especially what had been said about their relationship, as you will remember, both were passing the quarantine together and although the pandemic caused by the coronavirus is still latent, some North American citizens have had the opportunity to carry out their daily activities in a normal way as long as taking the proper precautions to avoid contagion.

The singer The interpreter of "Señorita" made it clear that each one is concentrating on the projects they left pending before the pandemic began, as you will remember Shawn Mendes he is concentrating on his next album and Camilo herself on the new remake of the movie "Cinderella" which will be her debut on the big screen.

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I do not know what their relationship was made public by both the media and their followers who were aware of each of the news related to them, because it is one of the most beautiful courtships of the show, especially because each one is extremely loved by his fans.

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