Without any garment! Rosalía showed off her figure like never before


Known as "La Rosalía", the Spanish singer continues to captivate her followers not only with her music but also with her captivating beauty. A few years ago she shared a photo in which she appears without any garment, managing to captivate her followers who admire her. the pretty celebrity.

Soon Rosalía He became a celebrity not only in his native country but around the world, he has competed with great music personalities in different awards ceremonies, being among the artists with the most nominations thanks to his music.

With fourteen million followers who are on the lookout for each of his publications, as much as the one he shared on December 11, 2013 on his official Instagram account, this image surely shocked his fans by appearing without any garment.

Rosalía Apparently she is inside a hotel room, because of the furniture that can be seen in the image, she is on her back with her hair down, it is evident that she is not wearing any clothes, although it should be noted that she is only seen from the waist up, bottom not pictured.

On that date she shared it, she was only twenty years old, as you can see she looks extremely young and at the same time very flirtatious.


The style with which the singer who some say is a revolutionary of flamenco handles herself has managed to combine the style with other musical genres.

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Each of the presentations of Rosalía It is quite a spectacular show, where they are constantly sold out.

The beautiful Catalan has had great collaborations with international stars that have also earned her great prizes, such as her single "With height" with the Colombian singer J Balvin.

For a few weeks there have been some rumors that the "Say my name" interpreter would be dating a person, due to certain images that she has been sharing on her Instagram account.

Something that has kept a lot of attention on the singer, is also that she lost a lot of weight so she has taken advantage of a lot in showing off her new figure, although in the Photography in mention it looks extremely spectacular.

Rosalía is characterized by having a unique style not only for the lyrics of her songs but also for her style in her way of dressing and especially when she decides to use extravagant nails, in each of her public appearances, television programs or simply in her Instagram posts make your followers react immediately.

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On several occasions he has been in trend on Twitter thanks to his projects and collaborations with other impressive stars of entertainment, one of the most recent and sounded was with Billie Eilish, another of the great stars of music and who is still very young.

Rosalía is 27 years old, she was born on September 23, 1997, her full name is Rosalía Vila Tobella, besides being a singer, she is also an actress, composer and producer.

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Although she has released only two albums, she has been awarded several awards and recognitions thanks to her projects, the first was "El Mal Querer", this was released in 2018, so much was its popularity that it immediately began to have millions of followers in all its networks social networks, he also released a collaborative album in 2017 called "Los Angeles."

So far she has won 10 Grammys throughout her short career, although she has been nominated on more occasions and has also won other important awards and we hope that in the future she continues to win and surprise her fans.

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