Wolverine, check out this Hugh Jackman approved street art

Despite having finally said goodbye to the role of Wolverine Years ago, Hugh Jackman and his character have not yet been replaced with a new cinematic iteration and fans and enthusiasts around the world continue to pay homage to their favorite X-Man. As happens in a coffee shop where a dedicated street art has appeared.

Street art was immortalized by Jackman himself who immediately approved it and raised it to one of his absolute favorites dedicated to the Marvel character. "But first let's have a coffee", wrote the actor on his social profiles sharing the sketch and tagging the company that in recent years he helped to sponsor, Laughing Man Coffee, in recent years committed to supporting coffee farms with its social programs dedicated to families and children of farmers.

In recent months, there has been discussion about who could inherit the role of Wolverine at Marvel Studios, and the names of Tom Hardy and Anthony Starr of The Boys have been made, as well as Keanu Reeves has always dreamed of playing him.

Also, prior to Disney's acquisition of Fox, a spin-off on Dafne Keen or X-23, a character who appears in James Mangold's Logan - The Wolverine, was in the works. Everything then faded due to the merger with Disney, which eliminated the Fox mutant course and is now ready together with Marvel Studios to reboot the characters within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but in a recent interview with Elle, Keen actually confirmed the existence of a spin-off then set aside after the merger.

Reveals the protagonist of His Dark Materials on the BBC: "Someone had suggested that there might be another one [di film su X-23], but this was a long time ago, when we were still shooting Logan. After that they didn't contact me anymore but the motivation seems quite evident".

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