Blagozeb Kamen (Serbia), Ep. On the one hand, many countries of the world including India and China are troubled by the increase, while in Serbia the situation is completely opposite. There was a time when Uros Trenovic, a small village in eastern Serbia, was inhabited by 200 families. There was a school of his own, a doctor and a shop, but today, after 60 years, things have changed a lot. At this time, only eight people are left in this full-time village. It has been transformed into Ghost Village. Wherever you look, there are deserted houses, people are seen walking along the path.

Deserting villages

This change is not unique in the village called Blagojev Kamen, a country that has suffered wars and many restrictions in the ninth decade of the last century after the breakup of Yugoslavia. All the houses in this abandoned and nearly empty village can now be seen to be in ruins, indicating that the population in Serbia is now decreasing. The shrinking population is a big question for the country's economy.

Relief in France: Decline of corona patients in ICU, death toll crosses 13,832 "src ="

Relief in France: number of corona patients declines in ICU, death toll crosses 13,832

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United Nations extends a helping hand

The rapid decline in population is considered a national emergency and the United Nations has now extended a helping hand to Serbia. 71-year-old Uros Trenovic, a local resident, says that 'there was a time when this village was full of people. I used to go to school here too. It is very sad that everyone is leaving now. Now only a few people are left here and the most worrying thing is that there is no youth left here.

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The death toll in Italy crossed 20,000, the number of corona ragas reached 100,269 "src ="

Death toll exceeds 20,000 in Italy, Corona numbers rise to 100,269

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103 people decreasing every day

A World Bank report claimed that Serbia's population could fall from seven million, or 70 million, to 58 million by 2050. The Serbian government says that the Balkan country is effectively losing a city every year and that 18 municipalities have less than 10,000 people living there. Every day around 103 people are getting reduced.

Patient recovering from Corona in South Korea, positive again, 91 patients found infected during investigation "src ="

Patients recovering from corona in South Korea, positive again, 91 patients found infected during investigation

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Economy can cause billions of dollars of damage

Population change is a major issue for the whole of Europe, but the problem is very different in Central and Eastern Europe. Here, as in developed countries, low birth rates and migration rates are also common. According to one estimate, this country trying to join the European Union could suffer billions of dollars of economic losses in a short time.

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Experts are taking stock of the situation

The United Nations Development Program and the United Nations Population Fund have drawn up a group of seven international experts from various backgrounds to help assess the situation by visiting Serbia last month. Wolfgang Lutz, an Australian expert in demographics at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, said the main problem is more related to those leaving Serbia rather than being reduced in population. He said in an interview, 'We see when people are educated, skilled and motivated by someone, they start looking for better places. The same trend is going on here, which is very dangerous.

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