WOW! Forum speakers, ‘Unstoppable Women’ announced

Forum, a day long expert women’s conference featuring high energy and inspirational speakers and celebrating its 15th calendar year, will soon likely be held Oct. 4 at The Warner Theatre’s Carole & Ray Neag Performing Arts Center in downtown Torrington. Collars are just one sale now.

The theme for this year’s WOW! Forum is”Unstoppable Women.”

“Both speakers are going to inspire attendees to manage each and every challenge they encounter with a good frame of mind and determination as well as share skills they are able to use to grow in their own professional and individual lives,” chamber members explained in an statement.

WOW! Forum speakers, ‘Unstoppable Women’ announced
WOW! Forum speakers, ‘Unstoppable Women’ announced

Please connect Northwest Connecticut’s Chamber of Commerce to the 15 th annual expert development conference targeted toward motivating and teaching the hundreds of women who attend that this day long program annually. Jointly, we’re advancing women’s leadership throughout careers and cultures to share with you ideas and knowledge, to enhance one another’s lives, to provide a community of aid and also to promote opportunities for females in direction.

The function is not just informative, but it is exciting and fun also. Register and access network with other attendees, enjoy a continental breakfast and luncheon and finish your day having a dessert reception and voucher.

It’s soon to be the 15th Wow Forum. Our track list has contained some incredible speakers in CEOs from the large selection of arts, education, company and enjoyment. Most outstanding were the stars who live and operate one of us, such as Susan Saint James, Dr. Debra Brandt, Mary Pope Osborne, Emily Dalton, George Malkemus, Anthony Yurgaitis, Diane Meier, Ellen Griesedieck, Pam Pin-to, Jahana Hayes, today U.S. Rep. Jahana Hayes, Jennifer Parsons and the Honorable Anne Dranginis. There is not any doubt that they are still enhance our place and also engage viewers and components year after year.

Whilst the Oct. 4 Wow evolves, we are gathering speakers who are impressive, inspirational, and fun. Yesthey have been”unstoppable” and also talented. Each includes an remarkable story to say that’ll amaze you and make a durable impression. We are delighted to present Beth Dupont, HR Director and EEO Officer

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