Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The third season of Wrong Side of the Tracks, a popular crime drama on TV, will be coming out soon. This season looks like it will have both new and old characters and storylines, which is exciting.

Fans have been eagerly waiting to hear about the show’s launch date, cast, spoilers, as well as updates. There is a lot of excitement, and it doesn’t look like people will have to wait too much longer to get all their questions answered.

“Wrong Side of the Tracks,” a popular crime and drama show on Netflix, has been enthralling viewers for two seasons with its exciting, drama-filled narrative of power and greed. Television viewers have been eagerly waiting to hear about a third season of Wrong Side Of The Tracks, and now they don’t have to.

We know you love Wrong Side of the Tracks, which isn’t surprising since it has a great cast and a great story. So, you might be beginning to wonder if Wrong Side of the Paths will just have a season 3 or if, sadly, it has been cancelled. Many people like the series Wrong Side of the Tracks, especially those who like crime and drama. It will be released in the year 2021.

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 3 Release Date:

Fans of the famous drama show Wrong Side of the Tracks can’t wait for season 3 to come out. But as of right now, there’s been no official announcement of when it will come out.

Fans can only guess, but rumours say that most of the upcoming season will come out at the end of the year 2023 or the start of 2024.

People can’t anticipate what will occur in the next episode because the show has a reputation for having interesting stories and a talented cast.

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 3 Cast:

  • Jose Coronado Tirso Abantos
  • Nona Sobo
  • Irene
  • Felipe Londoño Nelson
  • Laura Ramos Gladys
  • Manolo Caro Sanchís
  • Manuel Tallafé
  • Pepe Itziar Atienza
  • Amanda
  • Maria de Nati Nata

Listen up, people, because we have the scoop on the smokin’ hot cast of season 3 of Wrong Side of the Tracks! If you thought there were a lot of intense performances in the first two seasons, just pause till you see what this stellar cast has in store for us.

Tirso Abantos, played by José Coronado, is the leader of the pack. He is indeed a decided to retire “war hero” who has had enough of all the crime and trouble in his neighborhood.

Luis Zahera helps bring the heat as the street-smart cop Ezequiel Fandio, who has a few secrets to keep the bad guys away.

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 3 Storyline:

Tirso Abantos used to be in the military and is now retired. He lives in Entrevas and runs a hardware store there. The prevalence of prescription medications has made the overall standard of living in the neighborhood worse.

Irene, who is Tirso’s granddaughter, gets into trouble once she tells her boyfriend, Nelson, that she is interested in running away with him.

Nelson, who delivered drugs for a local thug named Sandro, came up with a plan to steal the drugs and use the money to run away with Irene whilst also stealing the cash with them.

Irene keeps calling her grandpa Tirso and tells him that she was out so late because things didn’t go as planned the night she was supposed to run away. But her plan falls apart when Tirso finds out that she has cocaine in her suitcase.

Sandro, the drug lord, tells Ezequiel, one of his goons, to find the person who did the wrong thing. Tirso decides that the most effective way of giving Irene a lesson is to have her come to his house and have a conversation with him.

At the police station, Ezequiel helps Nelson get away from Amanda, the new chief, while she is questioning Nelson. It did turn out that Nelson worked with the police the whole time.

Nelson and Irene must have planned to leave, but Nelson hurts Alicia, Tirso’s former next-door neighbor, while looking for the drugs that are now in Tirso’s hands. This stops Nelson and Irene from leaving. Amanda and Ezequiel are also going to follow Nelson and Irene as they look for the drugs.

Hello, everyone! It’s time for the exciting story of Season 3 of Wrong Side of the Tracks! Meet Tirso, a war veteran who is increasingly frustrated with the drug dealers who run his neighborhood. When they catch his granddaughter Irene, he is fed up and decides to do something about it himself.

Still, there’s more! Irene comes from a wealthy family, but she feels like she doesn’t belong. Nelson, a recognized drug dealer who purchases cocaine from Sandro to make money quickly so he and Irene can run away, catches her eye. Whenever the cops catch up to him, he throws the drugs at Irene. This makes things worse.

Tirso finds out that Irene’s suitcase has cocaine in it when he starts to be suspicious. Out of anger, he tosses them down the drain. Irene tries to handle the problem by herself, but when Nelson comes back for the drugs, Sandro’s goons drug her and beat her up. Even though she tries to hide it, Tirso finds out about it and decides to get even.

He asks the spy Sanchis to help him join the drug cartel and get information. In the meantime, Sandro’s enemy Ezequiel teams up with Sandro’s enemy Tirso to get rid of Sandro. Irene goes to a psychologist to help her deal with the trauma she went through.

Tirso thinks that Sandro’s drugs are at the La Rosa nightclub, so he asks Gladys to assist him get in. They set fire to the club with the help of Nelson, Pepe, and Sanchis, ending Sandro’s reign of terror. When you have Tirso, who needs a hero?


The season 2 of Wrong Side of the Tracks was a big hit with viewers, getting 6.8 out of 10 stars on IMDb and an 83% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Critics have said that the show has a unique idea and tells stories in a good way. People say that the story is both stylish and original, that the characters are well-developed, and that the music fits well with the story. Wrong Side Of The Tracks: Second season gets 7 out of 10 from AMAZFEED.


But despite that, this Spanish series is very good. This grandfather does everything he can to keep his grandson safe. The actor portraying the grandfather fits the part perfectly.

The only bad thing about this show is that the actress who plays the granddaughter’s character when she is a young teen is much too old for that part.

A lot of trouble comes from the granddaughter. She is so far from the basics of what it takes to be an actress.

All of the working hard that had been done was ruined by this terrible casting. She made the last episode of the whole series.

How Many Shows Will be in Season 3 of Wrong Side of the Tracks?

Sources say that the highly anticipated third season of Wrong Side Of The Tracks, which has been praised by critics, may well have somewhere around 8 and 10 episodes.

Fans were worried that the current episode might well be cut short because of lack of money, so this is good news for them.

The people who make Wrong Side Of The Tracks are doing everything they can to make sure the show has a violent act, drama, and high-stakes plot with lots of twists and turns.

Where To Watch Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 3:

If you want to watch the popular TV show Wrong Side of the Tracks, you can do so on Netflix.
Netflix has all of the episodes of the show, so viewers can easily catch up on ones they missed or watch their favorite parts again.

So sit quietly, relax, and get ready to dive into Wrong Side of the Tracks, which is only available on Netflix.

Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 3 Trailer Release:

As of right now, there is no teaser for Wrong Side of the Tracks’s next season. All signs are pointing to an exciting season 3, and audiences won’t have to wait far longer to get their first look at what’s coming, as official previews are expected soon.

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