Yolanda Andrade seeks to return to television, they assure for competing with Verónica Castro


They ensure that Yolanda Andrade he is anxious to return to acting, however, he does not do it because he likes it, strong rumors suggest that he seeks to compete against Veronica Castro.

According to recent news, they reveal that the irreverent driver Yolanda Andrade revealed that he would like to return to the performance and participate in a new telenovela.

Plans Andrade coincide with the announcement that was released several weeks ago where it was revealed that Veronica Castro I would return to the melodramas.

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So after the most recent statements by the actress, controversy broke out in which several claim that Andrade wants to humiliate his alleged "ex partner"

And it is that for many years, the famous one made her way into the world of driving, which has played a large part of her life after her beginnings on the screen where she participated in only a few melodramas.

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On the other hand, despite the fact that he claims to have closed the cycle of his course Romance with the star on the screen, Veronica Castro, everything seems to indicate that the lawsuits still continue between the two and now I would seek to teach the actress a lesson, they point out.

It should be remembered that since the controversy that the alleged confessions of Andrade on the alleged relationship with Veronica Castro, The same actress has denied everything revealed by the driver, among other things, she made something very clear:

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I will not be a lesbian, at least not in this life, said the actress after being repeatedly questioned on the subject.

However, the presenter now looking for a place in acting, possibly in order to be closer to her alleged ex partner.

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According to the bad tongues that the return of Andrade to the telenovelas it would be in order to demonstrate to the actress that she continues in force on Televisa.

It should be remembered that during its beginnings, Yolanda He participated in the melodrama "Nobody's Children" and some other stories paved their way on television.

Later the famous one leaned towards the world of the conduction participating in several programs, the most popular have been "Mojoe", and "Divine Net"

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However, he revealed that he is looking for a new opportunity in a story that will challenge him to return fully to the world of performance.

While for his part, Veronica Castro He is waiting for the days of quarantine to pass to resume the projects that will be stopped for this same reason.

The renowned actress this time would participate on the big screen, apparently with a project directed by her son Michelle Castro, A film production in which he would put his mother with some character.

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Without a doubt the faithful followers of the first actress they are waiting for more details and to see it soon through the screens!

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