Yolanda Andrade, the couple of Montserrat Oliver cannot see her even in painting, they assure


It recently emerged that Yolanda Andrade is allegedly the main reason for the fights of Montserrat Oliver and his fiancee Yaya Kosikova.

Apparently to the driver Yolanda Andrade they don't even want her with Montserrat Oliver and this causes the driver to have some disputes with her partner, the photographer Yaya Kosikova.

Apparently, as indicated by a source close to the couple, Yay have a firm belief that Yolanda still feel something for Montserrat Oliver.

It is worth mentioning that the relationship that existed between Montserrat and Yolanda Andrade a few years ago, however, it all ended when Yolanda herself was allegedly unfaithful to him.

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The latter, revealed by the driver herself in the past 2019 when he disclosed the alleged relationship with Veronica Castro.

According to the source that revealed details about the driver's personal relationship, Oliver and your partner, YayEver since they announced their engagement to the 33-year-old model and photographer, fighting has been the order of the day.

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The reasons stated by the alleged source refer to the fact that the photographer simply does not swallow the 48-year-old driver, Yolanda Andrade who besides being a close friend of Montserrat were a couple for some years.

On the other hand, the driver and her fiancé, Yay They have not been able to materialize their commitment since when the coronavirus went through, this prevented the ceremony that they had planned in the United States from taking place, which would be very intimate and surrounded by the closest friends.

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Apparently, Yolanda Andrade She would not attend, as she hinted at one of the moments when she was approached by the cameras and was questioned about said commitment.


However, the source who revealed very interesting details to the magazine Tv Notes, ensures that the wedding It could even be postponed and not so much because of the cornavirus but because of the problems they are going through today.

In recent months, the relationship between Montse and Yaya has not been as good as they appear, he said.

According to the source, there are five years in which Yay and Yolanda have had to live together just for Montserrat, if it were for them, they would not speak at all, assures the alleged source.

It also revealed that the relationship between the drivers is another problem in the relationship of Yay and Montse, since apparently, the supposed friendship that remained after their relationship sometimes becomes strange and according to Yaya's perception, they act as if they still felt something for both of them.

Although from Yolanda if there are feelings towards her ex, Montserrat, and this breaks the liver of Oliver's fiancé, the source assures

Apparently the cordiality between Andrade and Yay it was lost about a year and a half ago, according to the magazine's publication, that certain events ended up destroying the symbolic "truce"that they both had.

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Everything got out of control when one day in a broadcast of the program "Mojoe" Yolanda and Montse they played a game with the guests who attended the show, Andrade He was wrong and mistakenly took a piece of a question, to which he had to answer "Who had been his best" am @ nt3? ", to which he undoubtedly replied that Montserrat.

Yay, who was in the forum "went out furious and locked herself in the dressing room throwing and destroying things, Montse could not calm her, he said."

As a pitched battle broke out between the two, the same source revealed to Tv Notes magazine that Yay could have orchestrated everything so that the relationship between Andrade and Veronica Castro come to light to take revenge on her, however, Yolanda He noticed earlier and started talking about it, he says.

It also details that Montserrat defended at first Yay but he still had the thorn that everything that came to light on the subject was for her, as a revenge towards Yolanda.

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So now, don't rule out that Andrade I ended up attending the wedding as a way to make his rival of love uncomfortable, since he assures even though Montserrat is very nailed with Yaya, there is still something very special with Yolanda Andrade.

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