You Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

You Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know:

We’ll have to wait till You Season 3 on Netflix launches this year to see what happens next. The good thing is that there are many of things to keep you busy in the meantime, such as casting announcements and production updates.

Although details about the plot are still lacking, we have done our best to predict what the twists and turns of the next season will include.

Both Victoria Pedretti and Penn Badgley, who portrayed Joe Goldberg’s stalker/killer Love Quinn in season two, will return in their respective roles.

The novels You & Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes served as the basis for the TV show. Season 3 of You will be determined by Hidden Bodies, Kepnes’ second book, and ideally You Love Me, her most recent release.

You Season 3 Release Date:

You season 3 will premiere between November and December of this year, according to Deadline, which claims that Ted Sarandos, co-CEO and head of content at Netflix, confirmed the date in an investor video.

You season 3 will start filming in November 2020. Shooting for Season 2 took place between February and June of 2019 and it debuted on December 26.

So, assuming season 3 shoots for a comparable amount of time (four months), we may anticipate that it will wrap up in March 2021. That predicts a release date of September 2021, which is consistent with what Sarandos said.

You Season 3 Trailer Release:

The simple answer is that we are unsure of the release date for the You season 3 trailers. But we may speculate based on when season 2 will be released.

The first trailer for the previous season, which debuted on December 16, 2019, was made available on December 16. A teaser teaser was made available on December 5.

So, three weeks before to the show’s launch, a preview clip will be published, followed ten days later by a full trailer. Check back in September 2021 to see whether our predictions came true.

You Season 3 Cast:

In November 2020, there were several new You season 3 casting announcements. (Variety has a list of each character’s backstory.) The core cast, which comprises the returning actors and the 13 fresh characters they’ll be playing, is as follows:

  • Joe Penn Badgely
  • Love, Victoria Pedretti
  • Matthew Travis Van Winkle
  • Scott Speedman
  • Cary
  • Sherry Saffron Burrows,
  • Theo Tati Gabrielle,
  • Dottie Dylan Arnold,
  • Shalita Grant
  • Natalie Michaela McManus
  • Kiki, says Shannon Chan-Kent
  • Mehl, Ben: Dante
  • Andrew, Chris O’Shea
  • Christopher Sean: Brandon
  • Jackson Mackenzie,
  • Bryan Safi Ayelet Zurer
  • Dr. Chandra Astin: Gil
  • Young Jack Fisher Goldberg, Joe
  • Young Joe’s friend Mauricio Lara

Also announced earlier this year were two cast members who were clearly returning: Victoria Pedretti and Badgley will both be reprising their roles as Love and Joe, respectively.

Joe’s continued presence in his life was inevitable given how the second season ended, with the couple in an ill-fated romance.

You Season 3 Storyline:

Other than the hints we may get from the present roster of characters, the details of You season 3’s narrative are being kept a secret. We must all hope to witness the effects of the events before the end of season 2.

Where where the season 2 conclusion left off, season 3 will begin up with affection explaining how she chased Joe to win his affection (just as he stalked her).

She has confessed to killing Candace and Delilah. Love, however, learned she was carrying his child and intervened to stop Joe from murdering her in retribution.

As the couple relocated to the suburbs to birth their baby and raise him, Joe’s infatuation had already shifted to their new neighbor. He was gazing at her and remarked, “This is only the beginning,” from behind his door. Since I required to be here in order to find you.

Additionally, certain plotlines from the first two seasons—like Ellie’s whereabouts—remain open. Ellie is still receiving financial support from Joe, but she may not be unable to hide for much longer. Although Joe hasn’t hurt a lady, some fans have theorized that Ellie may be attempting to bring him down.

Despite being shot and died, Forty’s script for Beck’s book The Dark Face of Love is still circulating and ought to be turned into a motion picture that exposes Joe.

First off, Love seems to be pregnant—or is she? If she is, is the child Joe’s? At the conclusion of season 2, we also discovered that love isn’t always dependable.

She murdered Delilah (Carmela Zumbado) & Candace (Ambyr Childers), confessed to Joe that she’d been the one controlling him rather than the other way around, and killed both of them.

If you recall, there were a few corpses towards the conclusion of season 2: Henderson (Chris D’Elia) was accidently murdered early in the season, and Love’s brother Forty (James Scully) passed away in the season finale.

Forty was accused of killing Candace, Henderson, and Delilah, while staging a suicide for Delilah’s murder. But who’s to say that in the future Joe and Love won’t experience these ghosts in the suburbs? Numerous new individuals who are introduced in Season 3 might provide issues for the deadly duo.

The plot of the episode deliberately led viewers to believe that Joe had killed his ex-girlfriend Candace Stone (Ambyr Childers), which was an obvious conclusion given his actions. However, the assumption was proven incorrect when she confronted him in the show’s climactic moment.

While pretending to be Will Bettelheim (much to the dismay of the real Will) (Shay Mitchell), your protagonist attempted to move on from killing his fiancée Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) & her best friend Peach Salinger in the following episode.

Along with getting a new work at a different bookshop, Joe or Will appeared to be on a mission to prove that he could atone for his mistakes. This was mostly due to the fact that he had his eyes set on Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti from The Haunting of Hill House), a new potential love interest.

In a startling turn of events, Love turned out to be quite similar to Joe, murdering Candace & Delilah (Carmela Zumbado) in order to maintain her connection with the main character of the drama.

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