Yours forever, here’s what will happen to the characters according to Lana Condor: “Fans won’t like it”

The saga of All the Times I’ve Said I Love You ended with the arrival on Netflix of Tua Forever, the third film based on Jenny Han’s best-selling novels. Interviewed by Us Weekly, the star Lana Condor revealed if he thinks the protagonists will continue to be together even after the finale.

“I think they won’t stay together” he stated bluntly about Peter and LJ’s long-distance relationship. “People hate this answer, but I think they don’t. They would do their best, but eventually they would separate so that they can both grow up.”

However, the actress he thinks there is still hope in the future for the couple to come back together: “I always thought they could go on, so I think they could meet after college, for example in the workplace. As adults and after living a bit of life. I think that way they would be together forever. But I think who would take a break first. “

Condor then revealed her interest in an eventual continuation of the “I would like to see Lara Jean as 28, what would she be like? In my head she lives in New York, and she is a journalist or something that has to do with her passion for books. And I would like them to reunite after years of separation. to get to know each other as adults. This is my dream, but nobody told me anything so for now it remains so. “

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