Yuya makes an unseemly proposition to his fans, he will create thousands of self-employment

Mariand Castrejón Castañeda Better known as Yuya, she shared on her YouTube channel an impressive "unseemly proposal", as she claimed, for her followers, which will generate thousands of self-employment.

Currently has 24.5 million followers on her YouTube channel, since 2018 she became the most popular youtuber in Mexico.

It started being youtuber and over the years seeing the overwhelming success she had decided to start her own business launching a makeup line.

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Although he had already collaborated with other major Yuya brands she threw herself into the ring alone With her own project, which has been quite fruitful so much that she has decided to launch other products which she herself promotes and uses.

So successful that he has always been kind enough to thank his "Handsome"As she refers to her fans, so much is the affection that emanates that whoever listens to her while expressing herself would think that we are also part of her small intimate circle of friends.

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Previous days she had commented excitedly that she had a news to give but could not wait to do it because I was very anxious, until finally he could do it through a video and later through his Instagram stories.

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Yuya invites his followers to form a team, just as you heard him want that you work together with her, and you can earn income for the purchases that your friends or other people make.

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"What we are looking for to put a grain of sand and generate thousands of self-employment from the place where you are, I think that today is a day that marks a before and after because I want to invite you to be part of everything that it happens in my product line, "Yuya said.

Yuya created a membership called "Share and win", that generates its own code with which to share it whoever uses it will have a discount and you will earn apart 15% of the purchase of each product that is sold.

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This modality is an excellent opportunity to have a Extra money and motivate those who have been following her for years to continue doing so, as it is a way for Yuya to thank her Guapuras for the support they have given her for years.

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