Yuya's fan exposes her for bad temper after meeting her at the airport

A young woman exposed on social networks one of the most famous youtuber, Mariand Castrejonalias Yuya, of whom her annoyance was shown before the cameras.

The young woman was at the airport and when she ran into the Youtuber he decided to record it, however, the annoyance of Yuya It became evident through the video.

The controversy again takes over the youtuber and influencer Yuya after his attitude will be exposed through a video on social networks.

The fan and user of Tik Tok exposed it with a bad attitude, very different from what it habitually shows through its networks.

It may interest you Yuya, it seems that he found his twin in Tik tok

A clip that a user shared through the famous social network can be seen when they are recording it at the airport when Yuya He was on his way to meet someone and begins to talk, however, after realizing that they were recording it, he made a gesture of complete displeasure.

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This attitude generated controversial comments in which fans of the youtuber they defended her tooth and nail to the point of calling the person who filmed her "stalker".

However, some other comments also criticized the andoutuber since some indicated that they considered her "someone of lousy character".

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In the last years since it became known, Yuya, took over social networks in a very short time, becoming one of the most outstanding youtubers and influencers and with millions of followers.

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Also, this platform allowed him to launch his new line of makeup and products cosmetics achieving great acceptance among her fans and the general public who follow her or have seen her on social networks.

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It is worth mentioning that the style with which Yuya marked her channel has been unique and although many young girls who dabble in the medium have tried to imitate her, without a doubt, the youtuber continues among the favorites.

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