Zac Efron could leave Hollywood after making the series Down To Earth


Actor Zac Efron has made a big impression with his physical change, but there is something that has mortified many, his possible exit from Hollywood, this after having starred in the series Down on Earth.

In this new docu-series, Zac was able realize the quality and lifestyle that exist in other countries around the world.

There, the actor showed himself touring different places around the world together with wellness expert Darin Olien, who shows you the healthiest and most sustainable way to live.

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Since boy Zac Efron has been surrounded by cameras, reflectors and his large circle of fans, he has practically tattooed the name of Hollywood on his chest.

However, his participation in this series pYou may have changed the way you see life

and the things around him.

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Each of the chapters It shows us impressive things about how people live in other places, but there was one that marked Zac.

In one of the last episodes, Efron visit a small community in Italy where the lifestyle of the people makes the average of life reaches the 100 years.

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In this way, Blue Point made Zac doubt his decision to remain for the rest of his life in Hollywood, because it is said that the Life expectancy it is much younger than 100.

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In that place, the actor learned that the diet of people is based on a less protein and more carbohydrates.

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There people don't they accustom to exercise more than walking and doing daily activities, to stay in good shape.

However, in the same episode a group of fanatics they found out that Zac was in that city and of course they went to see him.

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Thus, that moment where he remembered that he loves actually what it does, because day by day he receives love and affection from thousands of people who admire what they do.

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