Zack Snyder is already thinking about the next movie Horse Latitude: ‘But we will have to wait’

Zack Snyder does not like to waste time: after the success of Justice League’s Snyder Cut and with the debut of his highly anticipated debut in sight Army of the Dead on Netflix ours has already put his next work entitled Horse Latitude in his sights, but aware that to see the result we will have to wait.

Our Zack, who also explained the link between Army of the Dead and Tiger King, admitted that the production is undergoing several slowdowns due to COVID, as has happened with practically every film shot since the outbreak of the pandemic to date.

Right now we are waiting a bit, because the hope is to shoot Horse Latitude in South America. COVID is currently pretty aggressive in those parts, so we’re waiting for the situation to improve in order to be able to go and shoot there and make this movie. But there is also another thing I am working on at the moment. We hope to succeed to get it all done, it’s something really crazy“were the words of the director.

In short, pandemic or not, we have confirmation that Snyder do not sit idle: with the new film coming out in a few days, in the meantime, the producer wanted to explain the meaning of the title of Army of the Dead.

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