Zack Snyder reveals the secrets of the film

As the release on Netflix approaches, the streaming giant has released a video in which Zack Snyder analyzes frame by frame the official Army of the Dead trailer, focusing in particular on the behind the scenes of his new and anticipated zombie movie.

In the video, which you can find at the bottom of the news, the director explains for example that originally the film included a large sequence set inside a sort of zoo, in which they would appear numerous zombie animals. In the end, however, it was decided to keep only the white tiger seen in the trailer, Valentine, for whom a real tiger by Carole Baskin was used even before the Tiger King event docuseries debuted on Netflix and became one of the platform’s most successful titles.

Speaking of the scene where the horde of zombies attempting to enter Vegas through an overhead shot is revealed, Snyder explains that the undead in those shots were made. 99% with the help of CGI. “We didn’t have any makeup available for that amount of people.”. As for the intelligence component of the zombies, which seem to unite to face the military protagonists of the film, the filmmaker confirms that this sort of army is led by a zombie queen and a “general” named Spider.

We remind you that the film will arrive on Netflix on May 21st.

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