Zazie Beetz still sees probable return as Domain


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Yesterday we brought you some revealing statements in which the actress Zazie Beetz shelling spoiler-level details of her role in "Joker". In that same interview with THR, the actress has talked about the other role she has played in the superhero universe, to Domino in "Deadpool 2", whose future a few years ago seemed quite promising, with the announced projects of X-Force and a third Deadpool movie.

After Disney's purchase of Fox's assets, which has caused the rights of mutants in the cinema to return to Marvel Studios, all these projects have slowed down. Marvel Studios, through the mouth of its president Kevin Feige and Disney president Alan Horn, has commented on his intention to continue maintaining the line of Deadpool films, but no plans have yet been firmly announced.

When asked indirectly about her future as Domino, the actress has hinted that she might know something that the rest still do not know:

I realize that nobody knows anything at this time, but would you be surprised if you didn't play Domino again?

Yes. (Laughter.)

The contract that once signed the actress as Domino covered up to three films, including her debut in "Deadpool 2", so there are still possibilities to return if Marvel Studios continues with the projects originally proposed.

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